It’s always refreshing to come across a versatile, open-minded musician - one with genuine passion for many styles of music. From rock to blues and jazz to folk, Jay Montana feels right at home performing and composing in all of these styles.

Jay's drive to create began at a very early age, mainly through visual art. He initially expressed himself through drawing and painting, but at age 9 he picked up the guitar and his interest in making music piqued. His inspiration came from his father, who strummed acoustic folk songs by artists such as Jim Croce, John McLean and the Eagles. After his father showed him a few chords, Jay was hooked. Soon after came guitar lessons, his first electric, and learning rock classics by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. Jay soon found himself playing “Stairway to Heaven," “Comfortably Numb" and “Voodoo Child," a big accomplishment—and a gift—before his 12th birthday. Jay continued playing throughout high school which led him to pursue his passion by studying music at DePaul University in Chicago where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Sound Recording Technology.

These days Jay is very active in the Chicago music scene, handling guitar duties for several bands. From the groovy jazz of Soulio, to the hard-hitting rock of About Nothin’, to the eclectic rock of Tautologic, Jay plays Chicago’s greatest venues like Park West, Double Door and Schubas, where many national acts perform while in town. As a guitarist, in between gigs and writing his own original acoustic compositions, Jay keeps an eye out for opportunities to perform with other recording artists and is open to any musical endeavor that comes his way.